Argh..The Crush of a Crush

The other day..my friend saw me blogging and she said 'that's just very sad.'...Ah well..i say don't judge! Anyways..yesterday i was at home all day thinking stupid things. its not even what i was thinking..its the fact that i was thinking so much..

So much for seeing how things go..The thing about phone conversations that last long is that sometimes it makes you feel naked. Like you said something you shouldn't have said. And he tells you things that you can use to torment yourself later when you go over the conversation in your head-OVER AND OVER! Like his type. I'm so not his type..it's unbelievable. Obviously, everyone has a type that they dont necessarily stick to..but i still wonder..did he tell me what his type was just so i know im not her???

Argh...i won't lie..i'm waiting for my phone to ring. For him to call. Just reassurance that maybe he likes talking to me too. I feel like i'm 12 years old. This up and down confused feeling. Do i need it?? NOOOOOOOOOO.

Stupid boy..pick up your phone and put me out of near misery!!


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