Lust. I've always denied it's existence (in my life)...When people ask me..'oh..ur still a virgin?..wat do u do when u feel like having sex'...I'm always like..'how can i feel like having sex..when i've never had sex..i can be curious..but i can't actually FEEL like having sex!! I know..the argument sounds so stupid. I don't actually expect people to buy the argument. But anyway...

Today! i saw one of my heartbreak guys from last year. I'm over him now and were friends..(since he said he likes me as a friend.lol)..but hmm..i felt a strong wave of what can only be described as lust. Everytime i hugged him..or sat next to him..or put my head next to him..or lay beside him with his shirt off (he was hot..nothing happened)...I just felt like woah! hotness!

So two guys today. Totally different guys mentioned me looking better..'finer'..hmm..i wonder what it is..the weightloss? but its not drastic to be fair..my clothes still fit more or less the same..it's just obvious in like my face..my arms..my collarbone..etc....

And..i met another guy today. Ola. He's reaaaaaaaly dark..but he's cool to hang out with. I see us becoming friends. So this guy that i met last weekend..let me call him foil. its funny..im thinking constantly of talking to him. In the shower..i have these conversations with him in my head(so technically..im having conversations with myself)...im definitely going crazy!!

Foil. hmmm. I guess if i want to talk to him..i should just call him right? But i'm counting down the days to whn it'll be ok to call him..like shuld i call five days after the first call..(im DEFINITELY crazy!!Maybe i'll send him a text. Maybe tomorrow.


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