Do not judge..lest you be judged

I've been thinking..what right do i have to judge other people when i do the same things?? Like the bible says 'remove the log in your eye before you remove the speck in your neighbour's eye'..berating my best friend and calling her selfish..complaining that she doesn't see me the way i am..when actually i do the exact same thing. There are definitely people i think i'm better than..smarter..better looking..better body..but what is that if not shallow and self-obsessed?? Maybe it's my human nature..or maybe it's just me..not realising that i make the same stupid mistakes that i berate people about..*shakes head*

My moments of reflections also made me realise something else. When i really like someone for reasons that are not shallow..i want to be friends with them. Good friends..but friends nonetheless..because really..if the relationship doesnt work out..then they are going to be either out of my life or we'll be friends..but really...

So Foil-since religion is an issue..and theres no long term prospect for us anyway..then i suppose we'll just be friends. At least i hope we'll be friends. I don't want him to be my friend..i want to be his. lol. Isn't it funny how girls determine the future of a relationship before it happens? Like..this is me..saying these are the reasons why it won't work out..Why we should just be friends.. But maybe in his head he had crossed out the possibilty of anything happening anyway..lol..I'm thinking like if i decided we could work out..i'll just snap my fingers..yeah right.

He comes across as a serial dater anyway. I dont know if thats the correct term. But it seems like he's never single for long and his relationships never last that long. So maybe i dont want to be in a line of exes anyway.

All i know is that the boy should just stay out of my dreams because he's haunting my sleep.


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