Its not them..its me!

It's hard to like a person. I mean fall for a person. This weekend i met this guy. I think he's so cool. He dresses really nicely and he treats his friends really well. He's kinda cute..basically..he ticked a lot of boxes. By the end of the weekend i was so sure that i felt something. But come monday..cold. I don't like him:(...It;s sad really..Having crushes is nice. I havn't had one for a while. I force myself to like people that i really have no real feelings for. So what is it that my heart wants? hmm...maybe i'm the kind of person that takes ages to fall for someone. I'm on this self discovery process that's fascinating. Sometimes i feel like i don't know myself at all!!

For the first time in a long time, i'm comfortable. With who i am..how i am..the things i don't like, i'm taking active steps to rectify..instead of sitting around and moaning. My grades are up..my body is falling into some kind of shape..things are looking up!! This weekend..my friends were telling me how attractive i am!! lol..they always sound so surprised when they say 'ur looking finer'..like..hmm..how did that happen??



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chichi said...

hi cool blog really-its like reading someone's diary... with permission of course!!