If i die today..

If i died today..what would tomorrow say??

Was i beautiful? Not on the outside..but on the inside, clear for everyone to see??

Did i touch a life? with a smile, a hug, a word??

Did i smile enough and cry as hard as i should have so that the pain would go away??

Did i voice enough how important you, and you and you are to me??

Did i do what was right when what was wrong was staring at me like a hungry beggar begging for a coin??

Did i thank God enough, for light, for sight, for air, for hair...??

Did i forgive, be the bigger person when it would have been easier, more satisfactory to be small??

Did i say how i felt, instead of hiding behind anger and fear??

Did i love with all my heart, sing like no one was listening, dance like no one was watching??

Did i say thank you? Did i judge, sometimes on no basis??

Did i revel in self pity and wasted tears when i should have lived the next moment??

Did i dwell on unimportant things and think too much..'what did he really mean'..'does she hate me'??

Sometimes it takes the fear of death to realise that living life is not about wasting time..it's about living each moment like it's the last chance to make a difference.

But really..what does telling someone 'i love you' have to do with dying tomorrow?? If you know clearly they don't love you back..what good can it really do?lol


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